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Your Single Source for Global Securities Ownership Intelligence
The Thomson ONE Banker - Ownership Module is the most comprehensive Web-based global research intelligence tool available-delivering unparalleled breadth and depth of global ownership information-alongside premium Deals and Analytics content and functionality. The Ownership Module lets you target the information you need with precision, depth and ease.
Comprehensive Content
The Thomson ONE Banker - Ownership Module provides the resources you need to pinpoint securities holdings and contact information precisely and efficiently. Whether you are researching the owners of a specific security or analyzing comparable ownership positions, you will find up-to-date information on securities transactions and the people and firms involved. With the Ownership Module, you have access to:
Portfolio Data
Includes investment style, orientation, turnover and asset breakdown by industry, market cap and region
Extensive Global Buy-Side and Sell-Side Contacts
Provides access to over 61,000 buy-side and almost 22,000 sell-side contacts
Tiered Sector/Industry Classification
Features macro-, mid- and micro-level classifications to better reflect the marketplace
US and Global Geographical Breakdowns
Displays holders of companies by region, country or city
Global Historical Holdings
Offers historical reports for the last two years based on a single security, a peer group or Thomson-defined sectors
Fixed Income Data
Provides comprehensive debt holdings information of investment advisors, insurance companies, variable annuities, mutual funds and pension funds. Users can review detailed portfolios statistics and contact information as well as analyze investor reports for corporate, government, municipal and CMO, ABS, MBS issues
Flexible Access
Log on to Thomson ONE Banker 24 hours a day, from any desktop at any time. All you need is a standard Web browser (Internet Explorer 5.5 or higher) to get started.
Sophisticated Functionality
The Thomson ONE Banker - Ownership Module compliments your workflow-placing relevant, timely information, compatible with your current system at your fingertips. Use the Ownership Module to:
Produce In-depth Customized Reports Quickly and Easily
Highlight critical findings and create customized reports based on your personal requirements. With a simple user interface, you can filter, sort and drill down to underlying information on the spot
Simple Administration
Browser-based or dedicated TCP/IP Network-low cost infrastructure that enables cost-effective desktop deployment
Target Investors with Advanced Searching Capabilities
Save time with user-friendly Advanced Searching options and screening criteria such as style, portfolio composition, country, and industry
Discover Investment Themes Across Groups of Institutions or Mutual Funds
Aggregate institutional portfolios to identify the top securities or industries held, bought or sold by a specific style of investor
Analyze the Investment Strategy and Global Holdings of Companies, Investment Advisors, Mutual Fund and Hedge Funds
Utilize investor tear sheets for presentation-ready analysis of investor portfolio components including industry breakdown, top holdings, buys and sells, and investment approach
Evaluate Company Positioning Faster
Measure the competitive landscape of a security with a Peer Analysis Report and quickly incorporate Thomson-defined sector holdings into a Peer Report
Compile Comprehensive Contact Lists for Marketing or Roadshow Purposes
Search for institutional contacts based on multiple criteria including industry coverage, title, style and location
Download Data to a Microsoft® Excel file or a PDF
Expedite traditional reporting by exporting data for further analysis
Unmatched Benefits
Simple Administration
Focus on your business faster with low-cost infrastructure and easy desktop access;
Tailored Workflow
Receive only relevant information to simplify your workflow;
Desktop Delivery
Leverage the first fully-integrated product for securities information to meet your business objectives.
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