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Thomson Research is a powerful Web-based tool that combines the most comprehensive collections of company and industry research, global regulatory filings and company fundamentals data, with advanced functionality-enabling you to make confident business decisions backed by authoritative intelligence and incisive analysis.
Comprehensive Content
Thomson Research works with highly respected analysts worldwide to provide the critical insights you need to make effective business decisions and gain a competitive advantage in the global market. Thomson Research brings you the most data, from the most contributors-giving you access to research that literally can't be found anywhere else. Plus, with its unique modular design, you can tailor your information subscription to meet your needs and budget.

Log on to Thomson ONE Banker 24 hours a day, from any desktop at any time. All you need is a standard Web browser (Internet Explorer 5.5 or higher) to get started.

Thomson Research is also accessible via Thomson ONE Banker. In addition, Analytics, Deals and Ownership add-on Modules are available by subscription. Based on your individual workflow needs, Thomson ONE Banker can be configured to deliver the most relevant content and advanced functionality you require to work more efficiently.

Sophisticated Functionality
Thomson Research contains advanced features that allow you to pinpoint the information you need quickly and simply.
Search a full spectrum of company and financial information- simultaneously screen every content set, then view a content profile with one-click access to all available information. Advanced indexing functionality means you get relevant results from just a single ticker symbol or company name search.
Target your results with powerful, precise searching-use data-specific search parameters to refine your search and return only the information you need. Within "Research" download exactly the right document by previewing Tables of Contents or performing a KWIC (key words in context) search.
Put information to immediate use. Access reports as they appear in the analyst's original format.
Download spreadsheet-ready financials from company fundamental data and original EDGAR documents.
Access compressed regulatory filings faster (by a 4 to 1 ratio) using Compressed Image software, in addition to text search capability.
Manage your workflow with flexible, customizable control-set email alerts to notify you when new filings or research becomes available. Load and save searches for regulatory filings, research, and news. Assign project codes at the beginning of each session to track usage.
Maximize your resources quickly and easily add users, set permissions view usage reports or set and lock preferences on an individual user, group or firm-wide basis, using new administrative control features.
Simple Administration
This Web-based tool offers zero infrastructure and easy desktop access.
High Customization
Receive only relevant information to simplify your workflow.
Desktop Delivery
Leverage the most comprehensive research offering to meet your business objectives.
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