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Thomson Financial is please to announce the release of version 2.4 of Thomson ONE Banker, now offering even more content and functionality.

Thomson ONE Banker is a flexible desktop solution that delivers critical information and analysis tools to the desktops of Investment Bankers and Information Professionals.

This release includes several enhancements, including:

Extended DataStream Historical Prices
Covering 64,000 equity issues covering 45,000 companies in 65 established and emerging markets, we have expanded our pricing and exchange history back to 1970. Offering you even more data than before.
GICS was created to respond to the global financial industry’s need for an accurate and complete set of standard industry definitions.
Exclusive Merrill Lynch After Market Broker Research
The Merrill Lynch Broker Research collection is now available via Thomson ONE Banker under the Research module.
Faster Updating of US Closing Stock Prices
US close prices will now be available within an hour after market close.
Click Through to Source Filing Documents from Deals
There is now the ability to drill down directly from M&A and New Issue deals to a list of associated filings; providing transparent access to the original documents.
SDC Platinum Conversion Tool
There is now the ability to convert your SDC platinum sessions into Thomson ONE Banker Deal equivalents.
This important tool allows client-specific SDC sessions to be accessed from within Thomson ONE Banker; providing clients with the opportunity to take advantage of the Deals module of Banker as a true desktop companion to SDC Platinum.
Other Features and Benefits include:
Ability to convert saved lists, reports and rankings from SDC.
Select location and name of platinum session from a local or network drive.
Save converted files in general directory within Banker for easy retrieval.
Default Region Preference
Thomson ONE Banker now provides a preferences option to allow users to specify a default region for company identification; eliminating the need to provide exchange identifiers for local tickers.
Table of Contents Preview for Broker Research
The Contents table for Broker Research reports can now be previewed from the Research citation list before a report is downloaded.
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